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Waterproof test equipment air tightness equipment

GX-8 Fully Automatic Touch Screen Pressure Differential Sealing Instrument (Used with Measurable Product Mold or Sealing Barrel)

GX-8 Intelligent Sealing Performance Tester is a highly intelligent touch screen high-end instrument with superior performance and high cost performance. It fully understands and meets the user's needs of convenience, rapidity, stability, reliability and accuracy in the process of use. The technology is mature and the performance is superior. Significant savings in testing costs and human costs.
GX-8 intelligent sealing performance tester is suitable for testing the sealing performance of various consumer electronic products, electrical appliances, packaging, military and aerospace products, such as electric toothbrushes, electronic watches, waterproof mobile phones, beauty massage products, pedometers, cameras, waterproof aviation sockets, waterproof lighting fixtures, military products, aerospace, thermal sealing and welding bee products.
It conforms to IPX6, IPX7, IPX8, national standards and ISO standards.

System parameters: (see video operation for details, welcome to request video or face-to-face video to see goods)

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