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GX-MF1000 Automatic Vacuum Sealing Performance Tester

GX-MF1000 Automatic Vacuum Sealing Performance Tester
GX-MF vacuum sealing performance tester is a kind of sealing performance tester with superior performance and high performance-price ratio. The whole machine is beautiful in appearance, the shell is made of high-quality stainless steel, the air seal through-stop parts are all imported from Germany, and the automatic control components are imported from Japan. The sealing performance is superior to that of the same type in China. Vacuum extraction is automatically disconnected, the pressure is automatically compensated, and the test setting time is self-sufficient. Motion prompt, keep the set vacuum value for a long time. Vacuum indicator control table is Japanese original product and timer controller adopt imported joint venture brand. Vacuum value and timer precision are high and performance is superior. Complying with GB/T 15171 "Test Method for Sealing Performance of Soft Packaging Parts". ISO and other standards
High quality products must have: clear barrel body, thicker barrel cover, no P chart, video viewing is the most reliable goods! ___________ Full automaton
System parameters: (see video operation for details, welcome to request video)
Fully automatic digital seal instrument, to set pressure, automatic stop, no operation, automatic gas filling, automatic timing, automatic back blowing,
Dedicated to observe whether the product leaks, is currently the best choice of cost-effective products!
The indication range of vacuum bucket is 0~100 kPa, and the display resolution is 0.1 kPa. The accuracy is 1%.
It has automatic disconnection of vacuum extraction, automatic compensation of air pressure and automatic prompting of test setting time.
Timing control range: 0-9999 seconds, arbitrary adjustment, display resolution 1 second.
Test settings: Arbitrary settings, set to 30 seconds when the machine goes to factory.
Power supply: 220V/50Hz
Drainage and exhaust pipes: 8mm imported high quality polyester TPU pipes from Taiwan
Power supply safety protection: equipped with power supply safety protection measures.
Sealing performance standards: in line with national and international standards: ISO, GB/T 15171, ASTM D3078
Effective size of vacuum chamber:
300 mm x 300 mm (H) (standard) 300 mm x 350 mm (H) (standard)
300mm * 360mm (H) (standard) 300mm * 400 mm (H) (optional)
400 mm x 300 mm (H) (optional) 500 mm x 400 mm (H) (optional)
600 mm x 300 mm (H) (optional) 600 mm x 500 mm (H) (optional)
Host size 490*300*250
Note: Other height and other special shape of 600mm vacuum chamber can be customized according to customer's requirements.
Net weight: 19 kg
Configuration: main engine, waterproof sticker, sealing barrel, sealing ring, sealing cover, wire, rubber cup, instruction, certificate, warranty, each of the above.
Trachea 2.

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