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Company Partners

Click to view [ 2019-03-09 ]
Canning/Canned Food and Beverage Guangzhou Wujing International Trade Co., Ltd. (Foreign Trade Business) ...

Introduction of Seal Tester

Click to view [ 2019-03-09 ]
Introduction of Seal Tester Sealability tester, also known as air-tightness tester or leak tester, is mainly suitable for sealing test of packaging...

Automatic Edge Curling Projector (Double Seal Checker)

Click to view [ 2019-03-16 ]
GXVMS-V8A Automatic Edge Rolling Projector (Double Seal Checker) (Welcome to Video View and Use) Our products are manufactured in accordance with th...

Intelligent Tension Testing Machine

Click to view [ 2019-03-16 ]
Testing Principle: The sle is cled between the two cls of the fixture, and the two cls move relative to each other. The force and d...

Development History of Two-piece Tank

Click to view [ 2019-03-28 ]
Two-piece tank refers to a metal container consisting of a whole seamless tank body with a lid and a bottom. The tank body of this kind of ...

Development History of Iron Can and Metal Tank

Click to view [ 2019-03-28 ]
The metal can of iron can is a variety of metal containers or metal handicraft products which are made of related sheet metals and used for...

The patent of "small pot of tea" curling has been dec...

Click to view [ 2019-03-28 ]
Beijing Small Canned Tea Co., Ltd. was founded in Beijing in 2014. It claims to be an original technology of keeping fresh in small cans, o...

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