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Introduction of Seal Tester

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Introduction of Seal Tester
Sealability tester, also known as air-tightness tester or leak tester, is mainly suitable for sealing test of packaging bags, bottles, tubes, cans and boxes in food, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, daily chemical, automotive, electronic components, stationery and other industries.
Negative Pressure Sealing Tester: Using Vacuum Testing Principle
Positive Pressure Sealability Tester: Inflation Principle by Positive Pressure Method
Hydraulic Sealability Tester: Inflation Principle Using Liquid Positive Pressure Method
The performance of sealing tester can be classified as foodstuff soft package sealing tester, bottle cap sealing tester, aerosol tank sealing tester, empty tank sealing tester, hose sealing tester, positive pressure water sealing tester, positive pressure difference sealing tester, negative pressure difference sealing tester, positive and negative pressure dual-purpose sealing tester, self-relief and pressure withstanding tester. Sealing tester, bubble cap sealing tester, water pressure sealing tester, faucet sealing tester, etc., our company has production.
Our company is the most complete and widely used product in the global sealed tester industry, and the most diversified R&D and production company in form (manual, automatic, touch screen, mobile).

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