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Intelligent Tension Testing Machine

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GXL Series Intelligent Tension Testing Machine
Applicable to all kinds of textile, rubber, plastic, synthetic leather, tape, adhesive products, plastic film, composite materials, electronics, metals and other industries of materials and products for stretching, compression, bending, shearing, peeling (90 degrees and 180 degrees), tearing and other tests to determine the quality of products. This machine is a simple tension testing machine with simple structure and easy operation. It can be placed on a worktable for testing. The electronic control system is used to control the rotation of the speed regulating motor through the governor, and then drive the screw to drive the load inductor to rise and fall after the deceleration of the speed changing mechanism to complete the tension or compression test of the sample. Force value is output by sensor, feedback display and real-time display of test displacement. It can store 10 test reference points, automatically calculate the average value, automatically grasp the maximum value, and the force value at the time of fracture. This machine has simple and convenient operation, especially suitable for the production line to control product quality testing instruments. This series of machines are mainly suitable for testing non-metallic and metal materials with test load less than 2000N.



Testing Principle: The sample is clamped between the two clamps of the fixture, and the two clamps move relative to each other. The force and displacement changes during the test process are collected through the force sensor on the moving clamp and the displacement sensor built in the machine, and the tensile, tearing and deformation rate of the sample are calculated.
(The machine has powerful performance and can be extended to meet a number of test standards,)
GXL Series Intelligent Tension Testing Machines meet many national and international standards: ISO 37, GB 8808, GB/T1040.1-2006, GB/T1040.2-2006, GB/T 1040.3-2006, ASTM F904, JIS P8113, QB/T 2358, QB/T 1130.


Technical parameters:

Product model





measuring range





Accuracy of force measurement

Less than 0.5% of indication value

Display mode

LCD Chinese Display, Film Touch Key



Data sampling frequency


Resolution of test machine

Maximum load 1/+25 000 yards, internal and external non-segmented, and the whole resolution remains unchanged.

Load Sensor

Tension pressure transducer

Test width

Self determination

Self determination

Stretching stroke

650mm(No fixture) (Customizable according to user's requirements)

Compression stroke

650mm(No fixture) (Customizable according to user's requirements)

Test speed range

30-200mm/minStepless Speed Regulation and Five-gear Speed Regulation

Accuracy of displacement measurement

Less than 0.5% of indication value

Shutdown mode

Failure of test pieces and setting of upper and lower limits for shutdown

Test Bed Safety Device

Up and down stroke limiter

Overload protection

The overload of GXL-50 is less than 50%, and that of GXL-100 is more than 10%.

Fixture configuration

Standard tension test configuration (customizable according to user requirements)

Power Supply


Host size



Host weight




Basic application

Extended application

tensile property

Simulated skin puncture resistance

Membrane puncture force

Puncture force of bag cover for infusion
Puncture/Pull-out Force of Soft Rubber Bottle Plug
Tensile Strength and Deformation Rate
Opening force of combined cover
ZD Cap Tearing Force
Tearing force of oral liquid lid
Puncture/pull-out force of oral liquid cover
Breaking force
Drawing Force of 90 Degree Inclined Infusion Bag Cover
Drawing force of the cover of infusion bag with bag
Drawing Force of 23 Degree Tilt Bottle Cap
Puncture/Drawing Force with Bottle Cap and Rubber Plug
Tear resistance
90 Degree Peeling Force of Adhesive Tape
Binding Page Tearing Force
90 Degree Waterborne Plaster Peeling Force
Stickies tearing force
Heat Sealing Strength Performance
Adhesion Strength Test (Soft)
Adhesion Strength Test (Hard)
Peeling force of hose cover
Catheter and catheter joint detachment force
90 degree peeling
Brush brush brush pull-out force
Brush brush pull-out force
Rope breaking force
Opening power of jelly cup and yogurt cup
180 degree peeling
Peeling force of cup membrane of milk cup
Plug pull-out force
45 Degree Peeling Force of Bottle Film
Self-sealing bag opening pull

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