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  Aruibok /ORIBOC Brand Display
  Warm sunshine, warm home, delicious food, enjoy the warmth! The joy of family and kinship is very strong! ___________
Ah, the grand event, full of enthusiasm, shouting and cheering, full of unrestrained! Cheers for the warm-blooded youth!
Tree-lined paths, couples murmuring, love lingering! Sing for sweet love!
_Aruibok / Oriboco has been guarding your side, always concerned about food safety!

 Aruibok /Oriboco's Brand Concept and Value Concept

  We always firmly believe that science and technology is the first productive force, innovation is the vitality of enterprises!
We always adhere to the following principles: reverence for life, respect for science, avant-garde thinking, resource sharing, and firmly believe that 1 + 1 is always greater than 2 in the cognitive concept and the spirit of collaboration. Improve Aruibok/Orebco brand awareness and added value.
_Aruibok/Oriboco respects our customers and serves them with integrity; actively understands the changes in China and overseas markets, strives to meet customers'expectations and requirements, escorts their business expansion, constantly improves product quality, and promotes the reputation and brand value growth of Aruibok/Oriboco brand.


Aruibok /Oriboco Product Innovation and Sustainable Development
The company's annual R&D expenditure accounts for 4.3% of sales, and R&D expenditure is increasing every year.
_We provide diversified products for enterprises at different levels. With the increasing quality of life of global consumers, changing consumer demand, different tastes of consumer goods and increasing demand, we are committed to providing enterprises with high-quality, reliable, simple operation, intelligent and easy-to-use testing products and services, and constantly creating new products to meet the growing needs of customers.
We always firmly believe that science and technology is the first productivity, innovation is the vitality of enterprises! Only in this way can enterprises maintain sustainable development and steady growth of industry.


Aruibok /Oriboko's environmental protection benefits the nation and the people
  We respect and care for the environment, actively participate in national environmental improvement and construction, advocate and require enterprises and employees to participate in various voluntary environmental protection activities and other positive energy activities. At the same time, under the condition of guaranteeing product quality, we strictly require our raw material suppliers and parts processing manufacturers to use reusable raw materials. The company upholds and firmly believes that the enterprises fearing life, saving resources and paying attention to environmental protection are sustainable development enterprises.

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