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Automatic Edge Curling Projector (Double Seal Checker)

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   GXVMS-V8A Automatic Edge Rolling Projector (Double Seal Checker) (Welcome to Video View and Use)
Our products are manufactured in accordance with the national standards and have complete independent intellectual property rights. Our company bears all legal responsibilities. GXVMS-V8A automatic edge-rolling projector is suitable for measuring the edge-rolling quality of tank body. Automatic measurement, high efficiency, accuracy, simple and easy to use, avoid human error. With the most advanced optical system and imported brand of high-quality lens, the image clarity has reached the world's leading level. It is an efficient, accurate and high-quality curling projector. External data acquisition system, real edge thickness, real buried degree and other measurement data can be automatically transmitted to the computer.
This machine is equipped with microprocessor, LCD color display, measuring lens, measuring board, health disk, mouse, calibration block, etc.
Cutting and measurement can be completed with GXQ-2 super-silent edge-rolling cutting machine.
Technical parameters:
1. Resolution 0.001 mm accuracy: 0.003 mm.
2. Voltage: 220V (V) 50Hz
3. Shape size: 500*320*150(mm)
4. Amplification multiples: - - 60 *; Selection amplification multiples: - - 180 *;
5. Using the most advanced lens of imported brands, the image clarity has reached the world's leading level (see the software interface wrap-up picture).
6. Inspection items: matching can pick up and measure 16 corresponding items - the length of crimping, the length of the hook of the tank body, the length of the hook of the lid, the overlapping length, the length of the clearance of crimping, the overlapping rate, the lapping percentage of the hook of the tank body, the lapping percentage of the hook of the lid, the thickness of the image crimping, the true thickness of the crimping, the real burying degree, the tightness degree, etc.
7. Software integrates SPC functions, automatically calculates, powerful database saves for 5 years, true edge thickness, true buried degree; database saves measurement results and images of each section, facilitates inquiry, multiple statistical charts, automatically carries out quality analysis of products; user can customize report format, which is suitable for enterprise's own style and format; can call out the previously saved volumes at any time. The image is retested, and each measurement can automatically save the measured results to the spreadsheet.
8. It can save and print the image and data of edge curling, which is convenient to communicate with the production department or cannery, and it does not need to keep the sample tank.
9. Provide calibration block, users can calibrate instruments at any time to ensure accurate measurement; use the most durable monochrome light source, more durable than similar products;
10. Increase: Measurement of weld seam of iron tank

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